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Construction projects generally require ground disturbing activities and the use of various types of materials (e.g., paint, fertilizer, etc.), all of which culminates in these projects posing a higher risk to storm water quality. 

Ground that has been disturbed by construction and left unstabilized can be easily eroded by rain or runoff. As a result, stormwater runoff from construction sites can cause significant harm to our streams and coastal waters.

To mitigate the potential pollution associated with construction projects stormwater best management practices (BMPs) are employed. These practices help to reduce the risk of storm water pollution and help keep our oceans clean. Below you will find BMP related resources for contractors and project designers.

Whether designing for HDOT Highways, HDOT Harbors, or a private development working within HDOT Right-of-Way, designers should be familiar with the practices necessary to minimize the environmental impact of the projects being developed. Links to additional information to assist in the development of site-specific construction BMP plans are provided below. Designers are encouraged to also refer to the contractors section of this page for information on the permits that are required to connect and discharge into HDOT property.

For projects involving work within or encroaching upon HDOT Highways Right-of-Way:

  • Storm Water Permanent Best Management Practices Manual – A statewide environmental policy for the development of projects within HDOT Highways right-of-way or projects which encroach HDOT Highways right-of-way or require connections to HDOT Highways drainage infrastructure.
  • For projects within HDOT Highways Maui District Right-of-Way which cumulatively disturb more than one acre, HDOT Highways Division Maui District requires the development of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) using a predefined template in addition to the filing of a Notice Of Intent (NOI) with the Hawaii Department of Health Clean Water Branch for an NPDES permit. For more information on the development of an SWPPP using the template contact HDOT Highways Maui District.
  • Developing Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan – A resource developed by the US EPA intended as a guide for the development of site specific BMP plans for construction projects.

For further information contact HDOT Highways Division Maui District Office at 808-873-3535.

For projects involving work within or encroaching upon HDOT Harbors property:

For further information contact HDOT Harbors Division Maui District Office at 808-873-3350 or Engineering Branch 808-587-1860.

The control of materials, chemicals and minimizing of sediment transport utilizing Best Management Practices is critical to the mitigation of the impacts of construction activities on the environment and our waters. Contractors play the critical role in selecting, implementing and maintaining appropriate BMPs on their project sites in an efficient and effective manner.

If your project is within or encroaches upon HDOT Right-of-Way here are some considerations you should make to determine the actions you should be taking:

You will need a permit to:

You will need a Site-Specific Construction BMP Plan if:

NOTE: For HDOT Highways Division construction contracts that disturb an acre or more of total area and require an NPDES permit, the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) template must be used in lieu of a Site-Specific Construction BMP Plan. A copy of the SWPPP template may be obtained through the HDOT Highways Maui District office.

Additional Resources

Construction Best Management Practices Field Manual

Site-Specific Best Management Practices Plan/Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Review Checklist

Application for A Private Storm Drain Connection and/or Discharge Permit to the State of Hawaii Highways Division Storm Drain System

Permit for Connection to the State Highways Drainage System

HDOT Highways Maui District Enforcement Response Plan

Construction Site Management BMPs Brochure

Site Specific BMP Plan Development Example

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