Harbors: Mālama I Ke Kai

Kahului Harbor is the main Commercial Harbor for the Island of Maui and it is the third busiest Harbor in Hawaii, after Honolulu Harbor and Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor.  Located on Maui, Kahului Harbor is one of ten properties owned by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) Harbors Division (Harbors). Cargo vessels and large ocean liners dock at Kahului Harbor.

Hawaii’s residents and businesses are heavily dependent on ocean commerce for their everyday needs. Eighty percent of all consumer goods, including food and fuel, are imported to the State of Hawaii, with 98 percent of these goods received and processed through its commercial ports. The delivery of goods via ocean transportation supports every facet of Hawaii’s economy, including tourism, construction, national defense, agriculture, and all other industries.

By nature, harbors operate near the water which means harbors have a unique opportunity and responsibility to prevent pollution from entering the ocean. In order to help keep our oceans clean, HDOT and those that operate in and around the harbor need to incorporate best management practices into their cargo handling, construction and maintenance operations.

More information on best management practices:
General Harbor BMPs KahuluiHarbor-General
Vehicle Fueling KahuluiHarbor-Fueling
Vehicle Washing KahuluiHarbor-Washing
Material Storage and Handling KahuluiHarbor-Storage
Solid and Hazardous Materials KahuluiHarbor-Waste