In celebration of Earth Day, we invited all Maui County residents to be a part of Rethink-A-Thon2021. They shared creative DIY projects that rethink-ed a throwaway item, gave it new life, and kept it out of the waste stream.

Bottle caps to refrigerator magnets?

Chipped bowls into potted plants?

Empty wine bottles to elegant coasters?

Mahalo to all of our participants, your rethinks are amazing!!

Candy Bows

Shawn T. made cute hair accessories out of candy wrappers! She took candy wrappers and foldedthem into bright and colorful bows.

Soda Can Tab Bag

“We found lots of tabs around our school, and we decided to make a bag. We used soda can pull tabs, fabric, and string to make it. We also recycled string and braided it to make a handle.” – Kaia R. & Reese B.

Newspaper Starter Pots

“I folded old newspaper into starter pots to sprout seeds for my garden. The pots will slowly break down with water and sunlight and I can bury them directly in the ground after they sprout which reduces strain on seedlings.” – Lauren U.

Recycled Notebook

“My project is a recycled notebook/ journal. I used old paper and blended it up with some water to make a pulp. I then poured that pulp onto a screen and let it dry outside. After that I cut it up into the size of paper. Then, I cut up cardboard for covers and I bound the pages together. Last, I painted a flower on the front cover.” – Mayson M.

Coffee Container Change Jar

“I use old coffee containers for all sorts of things like change jars and spare bolt containers.” – Rusty L.

Recycled Notebook

“My idea was was to create a notebook, and that’s what I did! I made a watery substance made of old photo copies and water, then I let it dry on a screen, cut it out, and turned it into a note book. Following that idea, I created a cover for my book promoting loving the earth and keeping it clean. ” – Kira N.

Recycled Plastic Planter Pots

“We work with Precious Plastic workshops around the world to design and create things like soap dishes, jewelry, planter pots, tiles, and more. All out of Maui’s plastic trash we collect from the beach or from family and friends.” – Brandy I.

DIY Night Light

“Why throw out the cool bottles when you can turn them into custom Night lights!?” – Jaclyn S.