AASHTO STEM Outreach Solutions

The American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials and HDOT Maui District have partnered to bring educational outreach programs tailored for K-12 STEM classes. Our hands-on activities bring the fascinating world of transportation and civil engineering right into the classroom.

STEM Outreach Details

STEM Outreach

(Transportation and Civil Engineering)

These specialized modules introduce students in grades 7–12 to transportation and civil engineering careers through hands-on activities. State departments of transportation collaborate with schools, providing curricula, resources, materials and engineer speakers to emphasize the importance of math and science for future careers.

(Roadways Into Developing Elementary Students Modules)

The RIDES module engages K–6 students in transportation careers with a wide variety of hands-on activities. Through real-world problem-solving, students develop critical thinking skills and explore careers in the transportation industry, with a focus on civil engineering.

STEM Outreach Modules Currently Available

through HDOT Maui District

Engage students with hands-on learning in transportation and civil engineering. From building bridges to exploring safety, construction, environmental considerations, and data analysis, AASHTO modules offer diverse experiences in STEM education.

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Bridge Builder

This module contains five activities to provide a comprehensive overview of bridge design and structural engineering principles.


This module contains four activities to provide a comprehensive overview of the planning and design of roads for traffic considerations.


This module contains four activities to provide a comprehensive overview of the design and construction of roadways.


This module contains three activities to provide a comprehensive overview of environmental considerations in highway design.


This module contains various activities along with a wide variety of items designed to bring math and science textbook concepts to life.

STEM Outreach in Motion

HDOT Highways Maui District is committed to fostering future talent by partnering with schools. We provide comprehensive curricula and resources, along with engaging classroom visits from our experienced team members. These visits include interactive activities and discussions on how math and science are critical to shaping their futures. Let’s work together to spark curiosity and prepare students for a bright future in STEM!

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Engineering Night

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Maui Montessori

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Maui High School

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All trainings and kits are free of charge! If you would like to bring STEM Outreach Solutions to your school, please send an email to ty.h.fukuroku@hawaii.gov.