State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Highways Maui District (DOT Highways Maui District)


At HDOT, our Environmental Management Section has a mission to support the management of our highways in accordance with our commitments to safeguard the environment and protect the health and safety of our employees, residents, visitors, and communities we serve. We do this in alignment with HDOT Maui Highways’ general mission to maximize available resources to provide a safe, efficient, accessible and sustainable State Highway System that ensures the mobility of people and goods, and supports economic vitality and livability.

One of our responsibilities is to manage the State’s storm drainage system in the Central Maui area and ensure that appropriate control measures and best management practices are in place to safeguard this important system against pollution that can ultimately end up in the ocean.

Whether you’re a resident or visitor, each and every person on Maui can play a part in helping to protect our water, through responsible practices and everyday actions that prevent pollutants from contaminating stormwater that drains to the ocean.


Our vision is for a safe and healthy environment achieved through the collaboration and partnership with various stakeholders that include, but are not limited to: Maui Highways personnel, residents, visitors, other MS4s, regulators, businesses, contractors, engineers, and the general public.

Please join us in helping to keep our stormwater and oceans clean!

Stormwater Maui Video

Learn more about our Stormwater Maui team, and what we do to Protect Our Water.