Stormwater Education Activities

Maui District holds stormwater education events to
increase stormwater awareness and education. Our
educational events teach the public, especially our
keiki, about the negative effects polluted
stormwater can have on Maui’s oceans, streams, and
rivers and the ways we can protect these
waterways. Maui District engineers and scientists
present a multitude of educational materials to
engage the public and foster a better understanding of
the way stormwater can affect our natural

Maui District engages the public to influence positive
long-term change with regard to how society
thinks and acts towards stormwater. Typical event
activities include stormwater presentations,
hands-on demonstrations, and educational material

Coloring Guide

This rainy day activity helps to teach keiki
about the negative impact polluted stormwater
can have on our ocean. Print and color your
favorite Storm Patrol characters!

Teacher’s Guide

Guide your students through our stormwater
presentation and lead them in discussions about
stormwater pollution in Hawaii.

Stormwater Quiz

Do you know what it takes to protect Maui’s
oceans from stormwater pollution? Test your
knowledge with our interactive quiz!

Education Outreach Workshops & Presentations

Want to be a part of our Public Education and
Outreach Program?


If you would like for us to come to your
school or organization please contact Ty
Fukuroku for more information at

Keiki Activity Days at the Maui Ocean Center

Join us at the Maui Ocean Center for fun hands-on educational activities!.