Trash and debris can become pollution in our ocean. To help make sure roadway trash stays out of our streams and the ocean, the Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Maui District (HDOT) encourages groups to join our Adopt-A-Highway program. Adopt-A-Highway is a public service program that recruits volunteers from any organization to help pick up litter along Hawaii’s state highways. While volunteering with Adopt-A-Highway, the HDOT will provide all safety materials and trash bags, will schedule trash pick-ups, and will even erect a sign along the highway to recognize your group’s cleaning efforts!


Volunteers in our Adopt-A-Highway program agree to:

  • Adopt a two-mile portion of state highway for a minimum of two years
  • Pick up litter on their portion of the highway at least four times per year
  • Participate in a safety training before each cleanup

About the Adopt-A-Highway Program

The HDOT Team is here to assist you every step of the way when adopting a highway!

  • The HDOT will help you select a section of highway to adopt
  • Your group’s representative will sign an Agreement Form on behalf of your entire group
  • All participants must be a minimum of 12 years old. Participants 17 years old or younger must have adult supervision, and those under 18 must have a signed Parent Release Form. There must be two adults per 10 participants present at all times for groups with participants under 18
  • Once you have scheduled a cleanup event and know how many volunteers will be in attendance, your groups representative will send in a Supply Request Form at least one week prior to your event. HDOT will supply your group with all the necessary materials and safety equipment once your form is processed 
  • Your groups representative will submit the Request for Rubbish Bag Removal Form two days after clean up event
  • Groups shall leave filled trash bags along roadside and provide a location description in the Request for Rubbish Bag Removal Form
  • Your groups representative will fill out a Clean Up Report after each of your organizations clean up efforts
  • You will feel satisfied knowing you have done your part to help keep Maui’s water resources clean

Volunteers must:
  • Be in good physical condition, including good eyesight and hearing
  • Be mentally alert
  • Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of their crew
  • Be at least 12 years old. Groups under 18 must have two adults per ten volunteers present at all times
  • For Your Safety:

    • Knives, machetes, axes and similar objects should not be carried by crew members
    • Don’t attempt to compact trash sacks to make room for more. Injuries from broken or jagged objects often result from this practice. Fill the sack with what goes in easily, then get another bag
    • Have a first aid kit
    • Park all vehicles clear of the road way and at least ten feet from the shoulder’s surface
    • Keep vehicles on the same side of the highway as the volunteers
    • Work one side of the highway at a time
    • Carpool to the clean up site to reduce the number of vehicles on the road

    Protect Yourself and Others:

    • Conduct a refresher session on safety awareness each time a crew goes out
    • Whenever possible, face oncoming traffic while you work. Be prepared to move out of the way of vehicles in an emergency
    • Don’t work in bad weather.
    • Work during daylight hours only
    • Avoid overexertion. Drink plenty of water
    • Do not cross traveled sections of roadway
    • Avoid using headsets: they could interfere with your ability to hear oncoming traffic or warnings

    What You Should Wear

    • Your Adopt-A-Highway t-shirts or safety vests
    • Covered shoes (no slippers!)
    • Gloves (strongly recommended)
    • A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

    By reducing litter along state highways, the Adopt-A-Highway program is a proactive way to prevent pollution from entering into coastal waters. To participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program please fill out and submit the appropriate form that follows. Also, be sure to review the Parental Release, Supply Request, and Rubbish Removal Forms.

    • Adopt-A-Highway Application: To apply for the Adopt-A-Highway program please fill out this fillable application and email it to the contact listed below.
    • Adopt-A-Highway Agreement Form: To adopt a section of state highway for cleaning, fill out this fillable Agreement Form and email it to the contact listed below. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for both the applicant and HDOT Highways.
    • Adopt-A-Highway Parental Release Form: This form ensures that any minor who volunteers in an Adopt-A-Highway cleaning event has participated in a roadside safety meeting. The applicant’s signature of this form also releases HDOT Highways from any liability in case of injury or damages which occur on or near HDOT Highways’ rights-of-way.
    • Adopt-A-Highway Supply Request Form: Once you know how many volunteers will be attending your cleanup event, please fill out the first part of this form and email it to the specified contact at least one week prior to your scheduled cleanup. This will ensure that your group has all the proper materials and safety equipment for the event. All supplies are provided by HDOT at no cost to you. 
    • Adopt-A-Highway Clean Up Report: To fill out a clean up report after each of your organizations’s clean up efforts please fill out this fillable form and email it to the contact listed below. 
    • Adopt-A-Highway Rubbish Removal Form: To request the removal of rubbish collected during an Adopt-A-Highway cleaning event, fill out this form and send to the contact listed below within two business days of cleanup. Be sure to include any hazardous materials, bulk items or dead animals.

    Please email all specified forms to:

    For assistance, please call (808) 873-3535.

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