Stormwater Maui Maika’i & Mahalo


A joint program of HDOT Highways Maui District and the County of Maui, the Stormwater Maui Maika’i & Mahalo Program applauds and thanks local businesses and organizations that have made an outstanding effort to help safeguard stormwater and ultimately, our islands’ sensitive ecosystems.  Check out our Stormwater Maui Maika’i & Mahalo recipients below!

2023 Recipients

Ohana Fuels, Paia

Minimum runoff, maximum impact! This facility goes the extra mile with dry wells, off-site washing of kitchen mats, and contracting pressure washing with runoff capture. Leading the charge in stormwater pollution prevention!

McDonald’s, Puunene Avenue, Kahului

Setting the standard for responsible stewardship! Puunene Avenue McDonald’s takes proactive steps, promptly addressing any identified deficiencies and sharing lessons learned between its two facilities. Leading by example in stormwater pollution prevention, ensuring a cleaner future for all.

One Hana Highway, Kahului

Championing excellence in stormwater management! One Hana Highway stands out for its commitment to utilizing and maintaining its hydrodynamic separator, a permanent best management practice, and on-site drainage system. Setting a high bar for environmental responsibility and proactive care.

Walmart, Kahului

Setting a standard for outdoor upkeep! Walmart goes above and beyond with daily outside housekeeping practices, promptly removing trash and debris from its store and parking lot premises. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental cleanliness and community care.

Milagros, Paia

Committed to safeguarding our waterways! Milagros prioritizes quick incident resolution and extensive best management practices to reduce runoff from the facility, ensuring the protection of our storm drainage system. Setting a community example for environmental responsibility.

Maui Ocean Center, Maalaea

Fostering a culture of environmental education and collaboration! Maui Ocean Center proudly partners with Maui District to support the public education program, educating residents and visitors about the impacts of stormwater pollution and how to prevent it. Together, we’re making waves in protecting our precious oceans and coastal ecosystems.

Kalama Intermediate School, Makawao

Empowering the next generation of environmental stewards! Kalama Intermediate School partnered with Maui District to educate 8th graders on stormwater pollution effects and prevention. Building a brighter, cleaner future together!

Kamali’i Elementary School, Kihei

Planting the seeds of environmental stewardship early! Maui District presenters engaged 5th graders at Kamali’i Elementary School, teaching them about stormwater pollution and empowering them with ways to combat it. Cultivating a generation of eco-conscious leaders!

Kihei Elementary School, Kihei

Learning about keeping our Earth clean, one small step at a time!  Kindergarteners at Kihei Elementary enjoyed a visit from Maui District presenters, discovering how they can help prevent stormwater pollution. Big lessons, little learners!

Waihe’e Elementary School, Waihe’e

Empowering young minds to protect our environment! Waihe’e Elementary School teams up with Maui District to educate all 5th grade students on stormwater pollution prevention annually. By instilling knowledge and fostering a sense of responsibility, they’re nurturing the next generation of water quality champions.

Montessori School of Maui, Makawao

Fostering a community of environmental stewards from the ground up! At the Montessori School of Maui, every student receives valuable lessons on stormwater pollution prevention through their partnership with Maui District. By integrating environmental education into their curriculum, they’re cultivating a generation of mindful Earth advocates.

Student Ohana for Sustainability Club, University of Hawaii Maui College

Uniting our community for a sustainable future! The Student Ohana For Sustainability Club (SOS Club) at UHMC organizes a free Earth Day event each year, collaborating with Maui District and the County of Maui’s stormwater programs to educate the public on stormwater pollution prevention. Through collective action and education, they’re fostering a shared commitment to environmental stewardship.