The Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Maui District (HDOT) has a comprehensive permitting program to prevent water pollution during various activities on state highways. Visit the tabs below for helpful information for those wishing to connect or discharge to our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), or perform construction activities for HDOT or within HDOT’s right-of-way.

Please see the information and forms below for the appropriate program.

For assistance, please email or call (808) 873-3535.

HDOT currently administers a permitting program for any individual, business (industrial or commercial), or agency that wishes to establish a permanent physical connection to the MS4 (Connection Permit), and/or discharge its stormwater runoff associated with industrial activities, construction activities, hydrotesting, or construction dewatering effluent into the MS4 (Discharge Permit)

Within the application, a brief description of the connection and/or discharge is required. The applicant is required to submit information on the connection/discharge location, size, type of discharge, flow rate, and a Drainage Report. 

Following HDOT’s review and approval of the application and submitted documents are complete, a Permit for Connection to the Highways Drainage System or Permit to Discharge into the State Highways Drainage System will be issued by HDOT. The Licensee shall sign the permit, thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions included in the Permit. 

To request for a physical connection, or permission to discharge surface stormwater runoff into the HDOT MS4, please complete the fillable form below and email to  

Application for a Private Storm Drain Connection and/or Discharge Permit

If you already have a connection into the MS4 and were directed to obtain a permit, please complete the fillable form below and email to

Permit for Connection to the State Highways Drainage System

Construction contractors play a critical role in mitigating the pollutants generated from an active construction site. If you currently do work for HDOT or are planning to perform work within HDOT’s right-of-way, HDOT requires a Permit to Perform Work Upon State Highways to be completed and approved prior to starting work.

To apply for a Permit to Perform Work Upon State Highways, please complete the fillable Permit to Perform Work Upon State Highways and Stormwater Design Checklist Tool forms below and email to

Permit to Perform Work Upon State Highways Application Packet



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