Q4 2022 No Ka Oi Highway Hui Recipient: Kawela Plantation Homeowners’ Association

The Kawela Plantation Homeowners’ Association on the island of Molokai has received the No Ka Oi Highway Hui Award from the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation Highways Division – Maui District, in recognition of their volunteerism for the Adopt-A-Highway program. 

The association’s homeowners and staff members conducted a cleanup every few months since signing up for the Adopt-A-Highway program, involving approximately 10 volunteers per cleanup event. On average, each of their cleanups removed 20 bags of trash from their segment of Kamehameha V Highway.

We sincerely appreciate their consistency and dedication to the Adopt-A-Highway program and to Molokai’s environment.

Mahalo Kawela Plantation Homeowners’ Association!

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