World Oceans Day at The Maui Ocean Center

In celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8th, Highways Maui District participated in The Maui Ocean Center’s World Oceans Day event dedicated to ocean education and conservation. Families and participants enjoyed a day filled with ocean-themed fun and learning, celebrating our beautiful oceans while discovering ways to Mālama I Ka Wai – Protect Our Water.

Our booth featured an interactive hands-on Stormwater Model, demonstrating the impact of stormwater runoff and promoting responsible management practices. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community, raise awareness about ocean conservation, and inspire action to safeguard our storm drains and marine ecosystems.

We’ll be back at the Maui Ocean Center on June 21st for Keiki Activity Day, continuing our commitment to educating and inspiring the next generation about stormwater management. Join us for another day of fun and learning – we’ll SEA you there! 🐠🌴

Stormwater Maui on Air: Sustaining Hawaii with Rick Hamada

Highways Maui District is excited to highlight our recent appearance on the “Sustaining Hawaii” radio show hosted by Rick Hamada and sponsored by Bayer Hawaii. This platform offered us a great opportunity to discuss our ongoing efforts to protect the environment and ensure the health and safety of the communities we serve.

We dove into our initiatives and responsibilities, including the management of the State’s storm drainage system and protecting it from pollutants that can enter the storm drains and end up in the ocean. Highways Maui District also shared some tips on ways that we can all take part in protecting our water. Including, disposing of rubbish and yard waste properly, and not letting anything other than rainwater go into the storm drains.

Furthermore, we discussed our Adopt-A-Highway program that currently has 140 community groups and businesses in Maui County that put in volunteer hours to help remove trash from along our highways. Additionally, we discussed Bayer Hawaii’s involvement in our Adopt-A-Highway program, along with our recent Dash for Trash competition that occurred during Earth Month where groups went head to head to determine who could pick up the most trash.

A big mahalo to Rick Hamada, Bayer Hawaii, and all of our Adopt-A-Highway groups for letting us share our story and yours. Stay tuned for updates on our programs and learn how you can contribute to a cleaner, greener Hawaii. Thank you for your support!

Listen to the radio show here: Sustaining Hawaii: Adopt-A-Highway Program in Maui County